Shelter for women and children victims of violence

24/7 telephone intervention

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of existence

About us

Mirépi, shelter house.

In 1989-1990, MIchèle Plamondon, jeanne Lirette and PIerrette Martel conceived the idea of a shelter during a sociology course. Although it is initially just a project, Réjeanne and Pierrette, driven by a passion to help, work tirelessly to bring it to fruition. Services began in 1990 and in September 1991, the first house opened its doors. Since then, the Mirépi shelter, now in its third home, continues to help women and children victims of violence, guided by its mission and fundamental values.

Confidential and free services

24/7 telephone intervention

Mirépi offers telephone intervention, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet the needs of women, children and all other people affected by the impacts of violence.

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Individual and group intervention services are offered to support both women and children during their stay.

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Women with or without children who are victims of violence have access to safe and confidential accommodation, as well as professional support offered by experts in violence.

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Post-Shelter Follow-Up

Individual follow-up is offered after the stay in order to pursue the objectives initiated.

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External monitoring

Individual monitoring is also offered to unsheltered women and children experiencing violence.

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Mirépi supports women and children in their various procedures during their stay or during external or post-accommodation monitoring.

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The second step

Medium and/or long-term, safe and confidential accommodation is offered to women and children victims of violence who have received services and wish to continue their recovery of power.

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Information and reference

With expertise in domestic violence, Mirépi shelter offers information and referrals.

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Training and Lecture

Mirépi offers training, awareness-raising and conferences to raise awareness among the public of all ages about the problem of domestic violence. Additionally, we offer support and development to professionals.

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