Be in alliance with women in their resumption of power

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Offer women victims of domestic violence, with or without children, confidential and secure accommodation both physically and psychologically, where they will be supported in their process of autonomy and regaining personal power.


To be a resource available to women so that they are supported according to their difficulties, respecting their individuality, their values, their skills, and their efforts to regain control over their lives. Women receiving our services commit to respecting our mission, our philosophy, our values, and our operation where collective well-being is prioritized.


Respect is an attitude of acceptance, consent, and consideration towards people, things, and ideas.
is to believe in the potential of women, children, and in the expertise of the resource.
is having a genuine interest in one's needs and rights and those of others.
is a bond of commitment between people aiming for common goals.
and regaining power: the ability to choose and the capacity to act on one's own according to one's own needs.

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